Dec. 2006 Design Trends: Holiday Fonts

When it comes to holiday typefaces, most people look for script designs, picture fonts, or decorative initials. We have a small assortment of each to show you below. We suggest using the fonts at large sizes for your invitations and other holiday projects.


Fete is a two-weight script family. Fete Regular presents itself as a distinctive script with an unusual luxurious flare, while Fete Super was deliberately designed to further express exuberance. The name comes from the French “fête” which means “festival.” Fete Super is a font that sparkles with the freedom and fascination of a wonderful festival of fireworks in celebration of something noble like Bastille Day.

Snowmany Snowmen

Snowmany Snowmen features fifty (count ’em) Snow People, perfect for creating Seasonal Greetings for homemade Christmas Cards, decorating your children’s “Thank You” letters – or just printing them out for your kids to color while Uncle Frank’s shovelling out the driveway!

Contempo Elan

Contempo Elan is a new script that comes in two flavors. Contempo Elan Grand Script is an elegant, hip alternative to a more traditional formal script. Contempo Elan Ornamental is a festive calligraphic script, perfect for any holiday announcement that requires a classy, celebratory typeface design.

Flat10 Holly

Flat10 Holly is a decorative pixel font for Flash and other graphic images. You should use it at a size of 10 pixels or at multiples of 10 (20, 30, 40, etc.).

LTC Holiday Ornaments

LTC Holiday Ornaments features over 80 printers’ ornaments and covers many holidays including Valentine’s Day, Thanksgiving, and more. There’s even a pirate to represent international “Talk Like a Pirate” day. LTC Holiday Ornaments joins the Lanston Collection alongside the popular Christmas Ornaments. LTC Holiday Ornaments contains additional Christmas ornaments as well.

Venice Initials

Venice Initials are a redesign of a 15th-century Venetian original by an unknown calligrapher. They work well as drop caps and monograms. Use them at large sizes.

Fete Snowmany Snowmen Contempo Elan
Flat10 Holly LTC Holiday Ornaments Venice Initials

Be sure to check out our holiday fonts for all your seasonal events and projects.

9 Responses to Dec. 2006 Design Trends: Holiday Fonts

  1. nettogirl says:

    oh wow, Fete is beautiful!!!
    Thanks for showing these!

  2. Stephen says:

    Fete’s spacing is off, no?

  3. Greg says:

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  5. Andrew says:

    that doesn’t even make any sense!

  6. DWIGHT says:

    This post just reminded me that Christmas is around the cornor! Time to break out the Winter clodths!

  7. keval says:

    Thanks, useful material. Has added your blog in bookmarks.

  8. John says:

    Thanks, very interesting note!

  9. Joni says:

    Hi, good post. I have been thinking about this issue, so thanks for blogging. I will definitely be subscribing to your blog. Keep up the good posts

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