Oct. 2006 Design Trends: Scary Fonts

Need Halloween fonts for invitations, posters, or flyers? MyFonts has a whole slew of text and picture fonts for your next scary event.


Beynkales from Scriptorium is based on the original title of Tim Burton’s The Corpse Bride. Burton was using an outdated version of one of Scriptorium’s fonts for the interior titles. Scriptorium’s quest to get hold of Burton didn’t bear any immediate fruit, but in a totally unrelated event they were contacted by the graphic arts company working with the overseas distributors for The Corpse Bride, and it turned out that they needed a font based on the main title of the movie so they could keep the same style when they retitled it into other languages. The font was created from the sample in the original title. Scriptorium ended up calling it “Beynkales,” which means “Bone Bride” in Yiddish. So here it is in all its tattered glory!

Braaains BB

Braaains BB is a monster collection of 53 all-original, all-terrifying zombie illustrations. Also included is a character map so you can pick that perfect undead dingbat!


Draculon is a casual font inspired by the letterforms of a humanistic font from 1904, which was in turn based on an Italian manuscript from 1485. The subject of the manuscript was probably something about vampires and pirates or even worse: the dreaded vampirates. Draculon is available in OpenType, Mac PostScript and Windows TrueType format. (Note: the OpenType format includes class-based kerning, common fractions, and 46 ligatures. Automated OpenType ligatures currently only work in Adobe CS products.)


Ahoy, matey! Catacumbes is a collection of skulls and bones, bones and skulls, and even a headless skeleton to put them all atop. Use them big on signs and posters.

Monster Mash

Monster Mash is one of many Halloween fonts from Comicraft, which also include Goosebumps, Incy Wincy Spider, Rough Tongue, and Trick Or Treat, to name but a few.

Goosebumps Incy Wincy Spider Rough Tongue Trick Or Treat

Check out our scary fonts for all your Halloween events!

3 Responses to Oct. 2006 Design Trends: Scary Fonts

  1. iztok says:

    please suggest another fonts for xice88.net for 2007.
    this is page for futsal shoes.

  2. 10th Way says:

    The Braaains BB is my facourite, I’ll go and purchase it for my graphic design work.

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