October 2006 Rising Stars

Every month we add new, innovative fonts and sign up new foundries. In the October 2006 issue of Rising Stars, we show you our top-selling new fonts.


Witchfinder comes in three packages. You’ll find a font digitized from an original manuscript, a contemporary version of the digitized script, a witch alphabet, and all kinds of alchemy, astrology, and witch icons. We can see them all used together to create great poster art, but we particularly like the contemporary script.


Fantini is a fun and curly font bridging the psychedelics of the 1960s with the flirtatious flair of the 1970s like no other face does. Elements of psychedelia and funk flare out and intermix crazily to create cool, swirly letters packed with a lot of joy and energy. We especially like Fantini Pro, the OpenType version, which packs all 5 styles into one font. It’s like basically way cool.


Sundial is a clean straightforward design that comes in four weights: Regular, Shadow, Sans, and Sans Shadow. We like combining the weights on different layers to create drop shadow and bevel effects.

Diva Doodles Too

Diva Doodles Too is a new release that complements the success of the original Diva Doodles. This picture font includes clothes, purses, shoes, jewelry, bikinis, hats, flowers, and cocktails — all drawn in a playful style.

Fantini Sundial Diva Doodles Too Witchfinder

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