Sept. 2006 Design Trends: Three-Dimensional Fonts

Three-dimensional fonts provide ways to create 3d effects with stylish color palettes, as we show you with the fonts below:

Brubeck's Cube

Inspired by homemade garage sale signs, Brubeck’s Cube is a fun, hand-illustrated design, a poster font that communicates clearly in a humanist style.

3 D

3 D is a hand-doodled font with irrational perspective and skewed characters. The detail in each of this alphabet’s letters makes it look especially cool when displayed BIG. This unique alphabet makes excellent titles for journal and album pages, or can be used for all paper arts projects.

Penitentiary Gothic

Penitentiary Gothic is a digital recreation of the letters used on California state license plates, designed in order to make props for movies and television shows. The regular style is meant to be used on its own, but the other four styles are meant to be used one on top of another in different colors to create an embossed 3D effect. For best results, use the fill style in a dark color on top of a light colored background. Put the lolite style directly on top of the fill style in 10 – 30% of the background color. Put the hilite style directly on top of that in 10 – 30% of your fill color. Put the shadow style directly on top of that using your background color plus 50 – 80% black.


Jeff Levine acquired a set of original water-applied decals made by the Duro Decal Company of Chicago (now Duro Art Industries) and painstakingly recreated one of the classic hand-drawn typefaces from the Duro line. Named after the street where the company is located, Juneway is an authentic reproduction for the computer-based designer.

Archive Tinted

Archive Tinted is an engraved display typeface from Archive Type, which specializes in old typefaces found in old prints, books and samples. Typefaces are reproduced as they appeared in print. This font and others from Archive Type allow you to bring an old-fashioned feel to new posters, newsletters, and designs.

Check out our 3d fonts for more three-dimensional designs. No Photoshop effects required!

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