July 2006 Rising Stars

Every month we add new, innovative fonts and sign up new foundries. In the July 2006 issue of Rising Stars, we show you our top-selling new fonts.

Hamptons BF

Hamptons BF is a beautiful new sans-serif named after the well-known New York resort synonymous with style and elegance. Though primarily a display face, Hamptons BF is also suitable for settings of large text. We like the graceful, art deco look of this highly legible typeface design!

Swan Song

Rooted in day-to-day handwriting, Swan Song is a quick and irregular artistic jolt at first impression, and surprisingly richly-textured art at second glance. Swan Song conveys the sense that the communicator is confident, humorous, strong and experienced. We think the reader will be glad to receive the personal contact of such a communicator!


ClickBits is a comprehensive set of web-related icons for online and print applications. If you’re looking for a web 2.0 starburst, icons for your blog, or graphics for your e-commerce app, ClickBits will have what you need!

Eye Catching

Eye Catching looks like it was handwritten with a glitter gel pen on pink notebook paper. The font comes with Eye Catching Alts, a separate font with alternate starts, endings, ligatures, and more. The OpenType version includes alternate characters scripted to work automatically in OpenType-savvy applications. With so many alternates, people will be wondering if it’s real handwriting or a font!

Swan Song   Click Bits   Eye Catching   Hamptons BF
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2 Responses to July 2006 Rising Stars

  1. Abba says:

    Of the e-newsletters, “Rising Stars” is my favorite. (I even like it better than the one I edit … shhhh … don’t tell.) Keep up the good work.

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